What Happened to Xolelwa Sixoko?

On 30 August, we wrote about Xolelwa Sixoko, a local entrepreneur who approached Tarka Development Group for a little help.  Often these stories are not followed up on, but we are keeping very closely in touch with her on her journey.

Garvin visited Xolelwa yesterday with Professor Hanna Nel from the University of Johannesburg, and she is doing very well!  She attended our Annual General Meeting on the 21st of September, where she heard about Asset-Based Citizen-Driven Development for the first time.

After the meeting, great interest was expressed in her Mama Mimi’s bread.  Astute entrepreneur, she told us: “You pay first, then I bake the bread.”  She is currently baking twelve loaves per day.

Community members who would like to contribute to Xolelwa’s business may contact Garvin Willemse on 0837648364.

Xolelwa Sixoko in front of her spaza shop
Xolelwa Sixoko in front of her spaza shop
Inside Xolelwa's shop
Inside Xolelwa’s shop