20 November 2014

Agenda Item Notes
  • Meeting opened at 16:20 by Garvin
Minutes of Previous Meeting(s)
Matters Arising from Minutes
  • Jenny to give feedback on structures for soup kitchen(s)
  • Specs for fundables & non-fundables still outstanding
  • Learnership – Garvin will speak to Simanye, David will speak to service provider in Oudtshoorn
  • Registration – agreed to delay until Simanye is available for session
  • Garvin will speak to the national Director for Social Development
  • Business forum needs to be established
  • National Director of Sports Arts & Culture to be approached regarding sports field in Ivanlew
  • Thobile Takane responsible for Greening & Beautification – contact required regarding sports field in Zola
  • Schaapkraal – we need to register as an entity, have a project plan, do a presentation. Proposal to look for funding through one of the EPWP initiatives. Champion required for this cause. David to find out who provincial project Director for Environmental Affairs is.
  • Small Town Revitalisation Strategy – proposal to actively find funding for projects
  • FET College – Kitty to give feedback
  • CHDM Co-Op centre – only co-ops are considered for assistance
  • Nguni project – different provinces had different requirements. Land was required, and yearly return of a cow as repayment for a specified period. Further information can be obtained once we have security regarding land-use. Champion required.
  • Hope factory wants to meet in PE, but also wants to visit Tarkastad. Garvin still needs to meet with them.
  • Business opportunity identification – Simanye suggested micro-franchises. Economic development seen as gateway for all other development
  • Rubbish bins to be talked about to Thobile Takane
  • Constitution to be drafted
  • Introduction to political leadership in town required
Feedback from visit to Simanye
  • Holistic development opportunity
  • Economic development key to other development
  • Very interested in economic development through agriculture
  • Mentoring for youth in businesses that are developed
Communication with Municipality
  • Garvin to see Mr Dayi
Next Meeting – January 2015 with Simanye
  • 16 January 2015 proposed
  • Meeting closed at 18:00