Tarka Development Group

Tarka Development Group is a partly self-funded non-profit organisation that aims to build a wealthy town through economic growth and development in an asset-based model. To do this, we build on computer skills to foster earning and learning chances for entrepreneurs and the public. We also take part in food security and public service growth projects as drivers of economic change.

Economic Growth and Development

We believe the main base from which to end visible poverty in our town is economic growth and development. The best way to sustain the creation of earning chances is through quality development of our people’s skills and knowledge. Once there are plenty of skills and knowledge, earning chances will be plenty.

Economic growth and development in TarkastadWe back entrepreneurs in our town working to start this cycle. The women of Tarkastad, while famous for being beautiful, are also unique in their strength. Starting with very little, and with partial support from Tarka Development Group, some women have started their own social projects. As a result of these projects and the earnings from them, they are able to take care of their families.