Tarkastad’s MOTH Hosts Fundraising Race

One of Tarkastad’s oldest and most recognised organisations, the Memorable Order of the Tin Hats (MOTH), is hosting a Mountain Bike Race on 17 December.  The cycle race will feature 65km, 30km and 10km mountain bike races including 10km and 5km fun-run races. The fundraising event is sure to be the town’s event of the year with first prize winners getting Karoo lambs. “We want Tarka to have a big fun day!”, says Thinus Mulder, one of the event organisers and the MOTH’s scribe.

Tarkastad MOTH Mountain Bike Race fundraising event to be hosted on 17 December.
Pictured – Thinus Mulder, one of the MOTH Mountain Bike Race organisers and MOTH scribe.

The MOTH is an ex-servicemen’s organization founded in Durban by Charles Alfred Evenden, himself a World War I veteran. Mr Evenden, who was a newspaper column cartoonist, founded the Order after he saw a war film which made him think of his army comrades and how they were coping after the war.

The MOTH have organised this event for fundraising purposes to assist members of the organisation, ex-servicemen and women who are in their old age (most of whom are in Tarkastad’s old age home). The money from the fundraising will help get medical equipment and other things the ex-servicemen may need.

Orders and organisation’s like the MOTH are usually clouded in mystery which many misinformed community members are made to believe is cultish. Mr Mulder says that it is the exact opposite. The organisation is not as secret as many think it is. Their meetings and records are open to the public. Membership is also open to all regardless of racial, political or sectarian differences.  However, one has to be an ex-serviceman to be an honorary member.

Vendors are also invited to come sell their products at the event. Sellers will not be required to pay for stalls. The profits they make will also be theirs to keep. Midas and a few other businesses are donating equipment and prizes to the event. Entries are open to all ages and raffle tickets with Karoo lamb prizes attached will be sold for R20,00 at the event.

Check the full events and prizes list below.

Tarkastad MOTH Mountain Bike Race fundraising event to be hosted on 17 December.