Computer Repair FAQ and Solutions

In the small town of Tarkastad, it is amazing how many computer repair requests we receive.  In most cases, the computer repairs that we do are actions users could perform themselves, with a little knowledge.  I’ve decided to share that knowledge with our clients in a short list.

Most Common Computer Repair Issue

The absolutely most common issue we encounter is that of a slow computer.  There are many reasons a computer may slow down over time, particularly one using a Windows operating system.  These reasons include registry fragmentation, fragmentation of files on the hard drive, invalid information in the registry and many others.  These issues occur even on experienced user’s computers, so it is not something you can prevent.

Keeping Windows updated can reduce the need for computer repairHere are some (free) things you can do to get your speed back:

  • Download and run CCleaner.  With CCleaner, you can remove temporary files which are not needed in the “Cleaner” section.  In the “Registry” section, you can fix registry errors automatically (usually by deleting the entries).
  • Malwarebytes Anti-Malware has a very useful tool to detect and remove malware.
  • The world of antivirus software changes often, so I encourage you to do your own homework to see which products perform best at present.  The most important point is at least to have an anti-virus software product installed.
  • Deleting registry entries and uninstalling programs creates spaces in the registry that need to be compacted.  Auslogics Registry Defrag will compact these spaces and make your registry one continuous file again.  During installation, make sure you read what you’re agreeing to – step three offers you additional software that you don’t need.  It’s perfectly ok to decline the offer – it won’t stop you from using the software!
  • It is essential to keep your Windows up to date.  Updates to Windows often close security loops that have been discovered, and if you don’t do the updates, those loops can be used to exploit your computer.
  • Since Windows Vista, computers are set to perform maintenance tasks when the computer is not being used.  Unless you’re running so low on prepaid electricity that you have to use a candle, leave your computer on overnight at least once per week.
  • Very importantly, read what you are agreeing to when you install software.  Often there are options to install additional software, such as toolbars, which you really don’t need.  If you can’t opt out of those options, don’t install the software.

Some Questions Encountered While Doing Computer Repairs

  • Did I do something wrong?  Probably not 🙂  Sometimes things go wrong without you helping it go wrong.
  • Will my computer go faster if I remove my files?  Unless you have less than 20% of your hard drive free, no.
  • Is it a virus?  If you use updated anti-virus software, most likely, no.
  • Is it bad for my computer to leave it on?  No.  Computer operating systems like Windows may even need it to be on so that it can perform tasks that it cannot perform while you’re using your computer.