24 July 2014

Agenda Item Notes
  • Meeting opened at 15:35 by Garvin
  • Special welcome to Thando, SEDA representative
  • Apologies: Kitty Philips, Angie Hattingh, Zandile Jamjam
Minutes of Previous Meeting(s)
Matters Arising from Minutes
  • Ms Jamjam needs us to register as stakeholders
  • Garvin was offered 500 almond trees
  • Jenny will engage with Ikhala
  • Simanye will provide funders list and small business development support
  • Mmapula feedback session moved to second week of September
  • Auditor not available for this meeting, but will attend a next meeting
  • Bins at Blanco will still be inspected
  • Len from Victory Church will provide further information to Jenny
  • Sam is renting Palm Bakery and will continue with upgrade
  • Garvin will speak to Faan Bekker regarding 5 litres of enamel paint
  • Garvin will work on presentation for Schaapkraal
  • Garvin to speak to Riena regarding nut trees
  • Social Development is looking for Social Auxilliary Workers which work in community development as well
  • Ikhala Trust invited Garvin to attend their ABCD programme to connect with funders (3rd week of September)
SEDA Representative: Thando Ngobo – Registration as legal entity and SEDA offering
  • Thando has been with SEDA 10 years as a business consultant
  • SEDA is a government entity formed in 2005 as an amalgamation of previous agencies
  • SEDA will be moved to the new Small Business Ministry from DTI
  • SEDA offers non-financial services to businesses
  • A pamphlet was distributed, reproduced as inside and outside
  • Stages: Talk, Start, Build, Grow
  • 11 tools to assess businesses, including business idea evaluation; evaluates the owner and the business separately
  • Funds available for services, as well as training structured in terms of better business performance equals decreased support
  • Business registrations are outsourced
  • Questions:
    • If we decided to create a trust, would SEDA still assist? (Yes – assistance given to any entity which is for profit)
    • How does someone register as a supplier? (A service provider registration form needs to be completed)
  • TDG Registration:
    • Opportunities should drive how you do what you want to do
    • Government officials prefer to work with the entities they are told to work with. At present, there is a focus on co-operatives
    • Most opportunities for support and funding is for co-operatives
    • Trusts are a safer haven for assets
    • Different co-operatives for different sectors
    • Co-operatives must be 5+ members
    • Trust can be 1+, for profit or non-profit
    • 1 day Trust / 2 day Co-Operative governance training available
    • Agency for Co-Operatives will be formed from current SEDA
    • Why is there increased focus on co-operatives? Can benefit larger numbers of people and create more jobs
    • Where / When does training happen? Pay visit at office and register as a client with indication of what assistance is required. Everybody who is part of registered association will benefit from assistance
    • Is information required for all members or only certain ones? Advise to give information on all members, with indication of position in organisation
    • Contact details: 0458383459 / 0721599529; t…@seda.org.za
  • Jenny to provide information on Advocate able to assist with information on trusts
  • Current thinking is to form an over-arching trust with co-operative and non-profit as subsidiaries
Soup Kitchen – Planning
  • No money available at present due to not budgeting for it
  • Proposal to find sponsors
  • Drop-in centre is a soup kitchen with a homework centre – funding available for 2015 – 2016 on application
  • Proposal for a youth centre combined with a drop-in centre
  • Responsible person required to drive this project – Vuvu offered to be champion
Soccer – Project
  • Garvin did motivational speech on 18 July at Ivanlew Hall
  • Silas acts as coach in Zola; takes kids off the street and coaches them
  • Silas’club is 13+ and doing good work with them
  • Land next to Nobubele – Schonken prepared to level land, but operator must be paid; +- R2000 required
  • Idea to get donated kit and equipment and then put on a sports day
  • Look for funding for upgrade of sports field in Ivanlew
  • Prizes to be available
  • Honey, Shakes and Yolanda responsible
  • Vuvu will arrange entertainment
  • Planned for next year
Communication with Municipality
  • Communication with Zandile Jamjam and Thobile Thakane. Mr Dayi to be approached again
Street Cleaning Project
  • Provisionally planned for 1 September around 12
  • Schools to be involved
  • Latex gloves to be provided
  • Black bags from municipality
  • Yolanda doing community development in September at church and would like some paint to paint the inside of a house. Garvin has paint available for collection
  • Anna Philips has found someone to paint her house and is preparing it for selling
Next Meeting
  • 28 August 2014 @ 16:30
  • Meeting closed at 17:30