23 September 2014

Agenda Item Notes
  • Meeting opened at 16:30 by Garvin
  • Absent with apology: Jenny, Kitty, Angie, Nonkululeko
  • Present: Shakes, Vuvu, Oom Joey, David & Garvin
Minutes of Previous Meeting(s)
Matters Arising from Minutes
  • Garvin to engage with Simanye regarding legal entity options
  • Applications for study subsidies from social development – David to research how to apply
Ikhala Trust – Small Grants
  • Application for up to R30000 for NPO’s who have existed for a year or more – information available from Garvin
Soup Kitchen
  • Jenny and volunteer workers will lead soup kitchens
  • Shakes will take responsibility for soup kitchen from TDG side
  • Application for funding to be finalised
Meeting with Municipality – 23 September 2014
  • IDP Meeting
  • Information as provided previously
  • Skills training was a focus area
  • Learnership funding for skills gap – David to check with Dorothy
Almond Trees
  • Orange Grove Farm has 1.5ha – 2ha available – Garvin will request use
  • Babbelbekkies – crèche in Dawn Park 30 – 60 children. Requesting sponsorship for accommodation & playground, toys, etc. Sophie will meet with Garvin on Thursday for assistance with training for educators
  • Ikhala Trust interested in meeting representatives
Next Meeting
  • Meeting closed at 17:20 by Garvin