23 October 2014

Agenda Item Notes
  • Meeting opened at 16:20 by Garvin
Minutes of Previous Meeting(s)
Matters Arising from Minutes
  • Study subsidies – Melanie Booysen (Brendon’s Sister) to forward information; David still to check
  • Discussion about soup kitchens at clinics
  • Crises center where people can overnight needed – Jenny engaging with a gentleman from East London; possibility to use same structures for soup kitchens
  • Learnership – David still to check
  • Suggestion to invite Ikhala Trust to next follow-up meeting for ABCD workshop
Simanye Response to Registration
  • Suggestion that Simanye acts as recipient / manager of funding in terms of Section 18a – general agreement to put this in place for present
  • Concerns raised as to whether the bank account would then belong solely to TDG or whether Simanye would ultimately own it
  • Garvin to ask Simanye whether TDG should register as
    (any) legal entity to retain name registration, but continue functioning as an association under Simanye
  • If market for produce can be sourced, Simanye likely can find funding
Khaya Dyantyi – Food Security Project
  • Worked with Beautiful Gate until 2010 throughout Africa establishing food gardens
  • Food Pods – food garden organization / bead work / fabric painting / sowing
  • Senior clubs started with Social Development
  • Community-needs research in terms of vegetable consumption performed
  • Food security is a government-identified objective which requires larger action
  • Heart Capital in Cape Town does fundraising
  • Vegetables grown in crates
  • Nutritional centers like Brazil where it is like a restaurant
  • Social Development does funding for nutritional centers
Communication with Municipality
  • Garvin to discuss land for garden with Mr Dayi, then Department of Agriculture will be invited to participate
Proposed Projects
  • Upgrading of sports field next to primary school in Ivanlew – Shakes to take lead; trees available from Department of Forestry and Fisheries / Environmental Affairs
  • Specs for fundables / non-fundables from Social Development to be obtained from Jenny
Next Meeting
  • 20 November 2014 at 16:00 at Gateway Church Building
  • Meeting closed at 17:35 by Garvin