12 March 2015

Agenda Item Notes
  • Meeting started at 16:20 by Garvin
Minutes of Previous Meeting(s)
Matters Arising from Minutes
  • Learnerships – Simanye not able to assist
  • Registration – can an association own a (Pty) Ltd?
  • National Director – spoke to Regional Director of Social Development about support; still need to speak to National Director
  • Business Forum – to be formed
  • Sport field in Ivanlew – still to speak to National Director of Sports Arts & Culture
  • Sport field Zola – to speak to Msie Ntloko
  • Schaapkraal – Garvin has spoken to a number of people. Simanye has agricultural specialist who can assist. Centre for Rural Co-Operation can supply seedlings and provide further assistance. CRC needs to sort out internal issues. CWP can also assist, especially with food security gardening. Letters required to get support and land.
  • FET College – Kitty has been looking into college and still is. Will take some time, and won’t be branded at this stage. Will be skills training centre. Location to be determined.
  • Unjani Clinics as micro-franchising opportunity. Planned to roll out in Tsolwana area in 2016.
Simanye Strat Session
  • Skills Audit
    • Skills audit required to check who can do what and who would like to do what so that we can use those skills in our work
    • Garvin will administer skills audit in several small groups
  • Constitution
    • Proposed constitution to be distributed
    • 3 April 2015– deadline for feedback / comments / questions
  • Bank Account
    • Constitution needs to be signed off to open account
    • Account will probably be opened with FNB
  • CWP needs an implementing agent in Tarkastad who can assist with identification of projects
  • CWP can assist with food gardens
  • Kian Reynolds of Border Rural Committee is in charge of CWP in this area
  • Community Centre at Gateway is a possibility through CWP with MOU with Gateway Church – proposal to go BRC
Communication with Municipality
  • Demarcation of Municipality
    • Demarcation Board representative to consult with community regarding which proposed demarcation is preferred
  • Richard from East London will speak to Garvin about recycling
  • Restoration of homes – CWP gave input
  • Yolanda has started reading club for pre-teen children in her neighbourhood. Some children are struggling to read, but a decision was made not to read all the time. Monday, Wednesday & Friday at Methodist Church in Zola 3 – 4 pm
Next Meeting
  • 30 April 2015 at Gateway 16:00
  • Meeting closed at 18:00