10 July 2014

Agenda Item Notes
  • Meeting opened at 16:45 by Garvin
  • Apologies: Kitty Philips
Minutes of Previous Meeting(s)
Matters Arising from Minutes
  • IDP submissions:
    • Mrs Jamjam coming back from holiday on 21 July; Municipal Manager instructed her to draft letter to TDG upon her return regarding IDP submissions
  • Mr Takane not able to provide business plans for Schaapkraal
  • Ikhala FET College
    • Youth Group would like college established
    • Boston Business College too expensive and inflexible
    • One of reasons for not working at Winterberg was the bus leaving at 6am and returning at 6pm, as well as cold during winter
    • Proposal for focus on technical college to enable skills development
    • Jenny will engage with Ikhala FET College to obtain curriculum
  • Fundraiser
    • Proposal to rather investigate business opportunities than fund-raise
    • Point raised that the “face” of the group needs to fund-raise due to relationship building, therefore Garvin is the most appropriate person
  • Mmapula feedback session moved to 5 August 2014
  • Auditor to be invited on the 24th July 2014 and given opportunity to address TDG after SEDA
  • Rubish Bins
    • Sample required. If sample is approved, manufacture will be funded (not necessarily labour)
    • Possibly round stones with cement to be used; stones readily available throughout town
    • Proposal to check what is at Blanco (similar concept)
    • Plaque to be attached to the bins to advertise TDG
    • Proposal that we do it ourselves rather than / in combination with employing others
TDG Registration – SEDA
  • Thando Ngobo will join us on 24 July 2014 at 16:00 (latest) due to travel from Queenstown
  • Meeting to be at 15:00 for 15:30
  • Suggestion to consider co-operative carefully due to government support
  • Also a suggestion to establish a trust as an umbrella body
  • Len from Victory Church will check on “Get it Done” organization. Jenny to engage
Lessons Learned from Palm Bakery
  • 20 litres of white PVC paint obtained from municipality. 5 litres of white enamel (+-R400) required for the rest. Garvin will engage with Faan Bekker / Jenny van Heerden
  • Positives: our mind is what limits us; product has improved due to greater pride; we must take responsibility without looking at others; motivation and unity was achieved; people are becoming positive; personal pride; with communication and networking we can achieve the change we want; building a history of achievements; showing the community that something can be achieved to motivate them to join the effort
  • Negatives: not everybody was involved; communication from members for absence is needed so that we can improve planning; beneficiary buy-in is essential through inclusion in meetings;
  • What can we improve on: including beneficiaries in decision-making process; ensure there are roles and responsibilities; feedback from beneficiaries after project;
Feedback on Mitrock visit and Department of Agriculture
  • Barcelona trip set up by Vuvu to meet 2 Department of Agriculture representatives
  • Schaapkraal project: Department of Agriculture will put up shed, do due diligence, work the land and set it up for us to start farming as long as we can provide proof of permission to use the land from the owner of the land
  • We need to do a presentation to the mayor, the ward councillor, the municipal manager and Thobile Takane to obtain permission to use the land
  • Mitrock Hazelnut Plantation was visited; pomegranates planted in some areas; fig trees starting to be planted – all for export through lady in Cape Town
  • Small Town Revitalization Strategy will include fruit trees instead of trees only for shade; pomegranate especially requested
  • Garvin will engage with Riena regarding nut trees
Department of Social Development – Community Development Officer Sidney Pietersen
  • Masikule Food Security Project on Cradock road
  • 3 People are active on project with assistance from Social Development
  • Sydney invited to provide understanding of what Social Development does
  • Social Development split into 3 programmes
  • Works with youth and women in particular
  • Collect information from community and put on database to prioritize needs for assistance
  • Link between government and the community; assist in referring relevant departments to assist community
  • Projects are funded, but not at present. Referrals can be done to departments that are doing funding. Food gardens and soup kitchens being funded at present
  • Social Development assists in development of existing programmes
  • Food parcels being sold, therefore redistribution of funds to soup kitchens
  • Mention that people’s weight taken at onset and over time for soup kitchen to assist with statistics previously
  • To start soup kitchens: Meeting with volunteers. Letter sent to area manager. Business plan to be submitted etc.
  • Proposal that the Power Circle takes responsibility
  • Proposal to expect resistance and ensure that permission / support is obtained from higher authorities before approaching local services
  • Bursaries available for social work
  • Ikhala Trust, Old Mutual, NYDA (Skills Development), SEDA all provide assistance to the Department, including Stokvel sponsorship
  • Sidney Pietersen available at 0730695273 / p…@gmail.com
  • Proposal to distribute agenda a week before meetings
Next Meeting
  • Meeting closed at 18:30